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Pad Printing Done Better.

Pad Print Pros is an independent consulting and sales firm specializing in product decorating processes including industrial pad, screen and digital printing as well as heat transfer, hot stamping, digital thermal transfer marking and light assembly.


“We were having issues consistently matching some colors for a customer.  John met with
our customers to discuss the nuances of color perception, helped define a clear target, and coordinated the successful reformulation of the colors.  Everyone is happy now.” 
                                                                                                       Elliot - 2016

Why Pad Print Pros?

In today’s manufacturing environment it is important to keep your business as lean as possible.  Few companies employ people that possess and in-depth knowledge of the pad printing process or the potential effects of things that can occur upstream and downstream of that process.  As a result, time and money are inadvertently wasted trying to control a process that is often not very well understood.

Our clients consider us an extension of their engineering departments.  Whether they’re brand new to the process, or have been printing for years, they depend on us to bring them up to speed on pad printing machinery, methods and materials… and to keep them up to speed with continuous attention to those little details that, left unattended, would have a negative impact on their bottom line.


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